Ultima-Oxa by Ultima Pharmaceuticals (Oxandrolone): Intense Pumps and Vascularity!

Oxandrolone is a synthetic steroid hormone, derived from testosterone. It was created by Raphael Pappo and Christopher J. Jung while working at the Upjohn Company in the 1960s.

It has been around as a drug for over 50 years. Oxandrolone is an oral compound available as both generic Ultima-Oxa and as brand name Oxandrin, produced by Roxanne Laboratories.

What is Ultima-Oxa by Ultima Pharmaceuticals?

Ultima-Oxa by Ultima Pharmaceuticals is an oral steroid which generally used as cutting agent for bodybuilders.

It does not produce weight or mass gain, but it increases definition and vascularity while reducing body fat levels in the user.

It is also very popular among power lifters and has been demonstrated to increase physical strength. It has a long half-life and low androgenic activity.

This is attractive to competitive athletes who do not want to face the harsh side effects of other steroids which can be readily detected in drug tests.

How does Oxandrolone work?

As an oral steroid Oxandrolone works by its action on endogenous androgen receptors in the body which ultimately leads to increased lean muscle mass and less fatty tissue production.

Oral steroids tend to have high hepatotoxicity as your liver metabolizes them into more concentrated forms than pill or injectable compounds such as Proviron or Primobolan Depot.

The good news about this steroid is the liver will only metabolize a small portion making it a fairly safe compound if used responsibly.

What are the benefits of using Ultima-Oxa?

As an androgen Oxandrolone stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells by way of increasing bone marrow production.

This results in increased oxygen transportation throughout your body which ultimately helps you work out harder for longer periods of time, recover quicker from strenuous workouts, and experience an increase in vascularity because of better nutrient delivery to muscles due to higher RBC levels.

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As a result, this steroid has been used as a fat burner by competitive athletes that participate in sprints or other aerobic events where muscle definition can be important.

In general, Oxandrolone does not promote large amounts of weight gain by itself but can be an asset in promoting fat loss in conjunction with a well-planned workout routine and proper diet.

What is recommended dosage for Ultima-Oxa (Oxandrolone)?

A standard dosage for men ranges from 5-20mg per day depending on the desired outcome. If you’re looking for pure mass gains, then higher dosages in the 10-20mg range will probably be your best bet.

If you’re looking for definition and fat loss a dosage of 5-10mg per day is more appropriate. For women dosages typically fall in the 2.5-5mg per day range depending on their goals, to see the same results as men would take a larger dose due to their naturally higher testosterone levels.

What are the stacking options for Ultima-Oxa (Oxandrolone)?

Based on product reviews, users choose to stack Oxandrolone with other steroids such as Testosterone, Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone), Dianabol (Methandrostenolone), or Trenbolone.

When using it with other injectable steroids a common practice is to use 50mg of testosterone enanthate/cypionate along with 25-50mg per week of oral Oxandrolone.

What are common side effects of using Ultima-Oxa?

Common potential side effects include acne, oily skin, aggressiveness or feelings of anger or irritability. You may also experience hair loss in the scalp if you are predisposed to an aggressive pattern of baldness.

It can also increase blood pressure slightly so be sure to pay attention to your diet and make sure you aren’t over training while using it.

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Below are some product reviews for Ultima-Oxa by Ultima Pharmaceuticals:

1.    Harold Hesa (June 1, 2021): I have been using Oxandrolone for some time now and it’s gained me about 10 lbs of muscle while shedding fat. One pill in the morning and one pill after my workout with a post-workout drink has helped pump me up even more and I love the pumps I get from this product.

2.    Joel Garcia (June 12, 2021): Been on oxandrolone for 5 weeks at 5mg per day. Have already seen great results; strength increase during workouts, vascularity has increased, and overall recovery is better than ever before. Keep up the good work Ultima!

3.    Jeffrey Coats (June 20, 2021): So far so good!! No pip!!! Me seem to be recovering quicker too!!!

4.    Al Vasquez (June 23, 2021): Been on Ultima-Oxa for 1 month and I’m already seeing results. Pumps are amazing; strength has increased very fast; muscles feel fuller. I’ve been working out hard for over 30 years and this is the first time I can recall using a product like this where you actually see the gains as quickly as they happen. Definitely recommend it!

5.    David Luke (June 14, 2021): Great quality of muscle achieved during bulk; strength is there even at the end of workout which may lead to higher gains per set. Highly recommend!

6.    Dustin Hallow (July 4, 2021): This product works like a charm. I’m seeing great results in definition and vascularity within my first two weeks using it. My energy levels are also a lot higher than usual; I don’t need as much sleep to feel fully recovered after the gym. Also feels like this stack has put some more size on me too compared to when I was just taking test alone before now. Can’t wait for next week’s progress pictures!

7.    Gabriel Hars (July 13, 2021): During bulk-ups, it helps me develop more muscle and eliminate fat while keeping my strength.

8.    Louis Reyes (July 15, 2021): Very vascular workout after workout which is great to see. Strength gained has been rather quick along with recovery times which is very much an added and welcomed bonus!! Have already ordered another cycle of it can’t wait to see what gains I make in coming months!

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9.    Zech Fits (August 2, 2021): Everything has improved in the first six weeks! My workouts are more difficult than ever before, and recovery periods have improved. With this stuff, I’ve never seen such huge pumps in the gym and haven’t observed any bloat, either. My strength gains have also been fantastic; I’m able to lift heavier weights while keeping good form during all reps. Definitely advise anyone who is looking for a great product!!

10. Xander001 (August 12, 2021): This product is just what I’ve been looking for! My strength has improved substantially, as well as the intensity of my workouts! While maintaining good form through all exercises, I’ve also seen an increase in strength and intensity!

Take your performance to the next level with Ultima-Oxa!

Ultima-Oxa, a scientifically formulated anabolic steroid from Ultima Pharmaceuticals, is a genuine legal muscle builder that may help you reach results you thought were unattainable.

The right dosage of the correct components will significantly increase your chances of achieving your objectives! You get what you pay for when you buy Ultima-Oxa!